Our Mission

The “Green Yar” has been in existence for over 30 years now. Originally, it specialized in Ankole cattle alone but in 2006 .we introduced Boran cattle to be crossed with ankole. In 2015, we started rearing hybrid goats (Boer and Savannas from South Africa) and local goats (mubende and galla from Kenya). Under the goat project,
we supply free hybrid males to farmers near the farm who in turn sell to us females and castrates at competitive prices if we need a big purchase of goats.

Today we can boast of Exporting Sheep, Goats, Cattles and Meat.

Our foundations are built upon serving generations of farmers, understanding their specific requirements in the business of animal farming and partnering with our enthusiasm, technologies, innovation and reliability.

Goat meat, Dairy goats, Livestock Cattle, Animal feed and Livestock equipment are just some of the solutions we can help you with.

What started out as a hobby many years ago has since grown into a vertically integrated international business?

Our focus has always been on delivering quality livestock. We source animals of the best characteristics and supply an “animal replacement policy” to ensure that livestock importers, livestock buyers, Livestock agents remain confident in our commitment to quality business relationships.

We are involved in consultancy and large volume exports of breeding and slaughter of livestock to Asia and the Middle East.

Expansion of export markets is an ongoing priority for us with opportunities presenting themselves via the demand for increased protein sources and developing country economic initiatives.

We are proud producers of over 15,000 livestock annually, with expansion plans underway. As livestock exporters we understand that the key to long term sustainable markets is quality service. We want to encourage new producers into the livestock industry and existing producers to also expand numbers.

We have years of experience in the livestock industry. We supply breeding quality animals and genetics for Boer Goats, Stud Goats, Dairy Goats, All dairy Cattle and other livestock as required.