Boer Goats

We supply 100% live Saanem goat, Boer goat, Anglo-Nubian goats and other live cattles at good prices. 

 Goats ages are between 6 months to 5 years old, weight between 45-70kg

 We can supply you with any quantity between 1 and 2000 heads 

 Shipping is done through Land, Sea & Air


Boer – Breeds of Livestock Goats for sale in Ukraine

Boer goat is a highly meat productive breed which originated from South Africa. They are of very big size as compared to other popular meat goat breeds. They are also known for producing milk of the best quality,but their high demand is mostly for meat production. .

Boer goats are generally characterized by white colored body with red or brown heads. There are also some completely brown or white colored Boer goats. They have a pair of long and pendulous ears.

Ennobled and improved Boer goat has become a highly sought after breeding animal, and has been exported (usually via frozen embryos) from South Africa to many parts of the world. Are you interested in buying or breeding of pure Boer goats & Kalahari Red goats . Available at Green Yar Farm for sale.

Boer – Breeds of Livestock Goats for sale in Ukraine

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Characteristics of Boer Goats

South African Boer goats have some special and unique characteristics which have made them different from other goat breeds. Their physical characteristics are listed below.

-Boer goats commonly have distinctive brown heads and white bodies. Some goats can also be completely white or brown colored.

-They possess long, pendulous ears like the Nubian goats.

-They are very hardy and can adopt themselves with almost all types of weather and climate.

-They are noted for having high fertility rates and for being fast growing and docile.

-As compared to other goat breeds, Boer does are reported to have superior mothering skills.

-Usually a mature Boer buck weights about 110 to 135 kg and a mature doe weights about 90 to 100 kg.


Boer goat generally consumes the same food as other domestic goat breeds do. They usually love to eat leaves of trees, corns, green grasses and some other supplementary feeds. Big sized show goats require huge amount of nutritious food.

Farmer generally raise medium sized goat for commercial production. Because they require less food and easy to maintain. Be very careful in feed management for raising Boer goats. Good food always ensures good health. Always provide them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water, as they drinks lot of water daily.


Most of the farmers prefer purebred Boer goats for breeding purposes. Cross breeding of Boer goat with other popular goat breeds produces high quality, healthy and productive kids. The common and popular crosses of Boer goats are Boer with Spanish goats, Angora goats,Kiko goats, Nubian goats, Osmanabadi goats, Jamunapari goats and with Sirohi goats. All of this cross breeding produces new, highly productive goat kids.


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