Spanish Goats

We supply 100% live Saanem goat, Boer goat, Anglo-Nubian goats and other live cattles at good prices. 

 Goats ages are between 6 months to 5 years old, weight between 45-70kg

Regularly vaccinated with best health condition.
Timely delivery

 We can supply you with any quantity between 1 and 2000 heads 

 Shipping is done through Land, Sea & Air


Goat Breeds Spanish – Goats Beginning in the 1500s, Spanish goats were brought from Spain to the Caribbean Islands and from there to the areas that would become the United States and Mexico. These foundation stocks were an undifferentiated Mediterranean type of goat that was common in Spain at the time but no longer exists. This adds genetic and historic importance to the Spanish goat breeds that evolved in the New World.

Goats flourished in the Americas. Valued as a ready source of milk, meat, and hides, they were taken everywhere the Spanish went and became an integral part of subsistence production across southern North America, Central America, and South America. The use of goats for meat was also important because it allowed cattle to be reserved for draft power, essential for crop production and transportation. Spanish goats were the only goats known across the southern United States and in most other parts of the Americas for over 300 years. There were many regional types and strains (both domestic and feral) shaped by natural selection and -geographic isolation. This changed with the -importation of goat breeds from other countries beginning in the second half of the 1800s. The

Goat Breeds Spanish – Goats

majority of Spanish goats in the United States were crossed with imported breeds for dairy production or were replaced by Angora goats for the production of fiber.


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